Dec.   Co-Hosted International Telematics Conference-Telematics Model City. Je-Ju, Korea
Sep.   World Telematics Business & Standard 2004
  Sep.   1st Anniversary of KOTBA
  May.   Participating in TelematicsUpdate Detroit 2004 Seminar and visiting AMI-C for training
  Apr.   KOTBA Spring Workshop 2004
  Apr.   Global Telematics Strategy Conference 2004
  Apr.   1st meeting of Working Group for Telematics standardization and KOTBA
  Mar.   Seminar for human resource training of Telematics
Nov.   International Telematics & LBS Expo and conference
Sep.   KOTBA & AMI-C Collaboration Meeting
  Sep.   Attending Europe Telematics seminars and training courses
  Sep.   Inaugural meeting of KOTBA and seminar
  Aug.   Pre-meeting for establishment of KOTBA(Korea Telematics Business
  June   Workshop for considering activating way of Telematics business
  May   Directors from MIC(Ministry of Information and Communication), ITS Korea, and National Police Agency are to visit Japanese VICS, or an integrated center for traffic information
  Apr.   Spring Workshop for Telematics Forum Steering Committee members in Jeju island
  Apr.   MIC confirmation of financial support for Telematics Forum Operation including working expenses
  Mar.   A gathering for talk between the vice-Minister of MIC and 8 members of Telematics Forum Steering Committee
Dec.   Korea 2001 Telematics Seminar: Understanding Telematics and Analyzing Domestic and Foreign Market Trends"
Aug.   Telematics market research, domestic and abroad